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Pending Covid-19 Quarantine Advisory - this workshop series will be held through a virtual classroom (not in person). 

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Chiara Maya - Reveal Your Light - Akashic Readings with Chiara

I trust you are able to stay safe and healthy during these turbulent and changing time.  I am here for you. 

With Grace and Gratitude, Chiara


Chiara began her certifications as an Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner in 2015 through training courses from Dr. Linda Howe, and the Linda Howe Center of Akashic Studies, based in Chicago, in partnership with Emerson Theological Institute’s Spiritual Studies degree programs. She is a gifted conduit of the sacred light and wisdom of the Akashic Records.  Her acute ability to directly access your soul’s archive allows her to assist and guide you to link up with your own higher guidance. A reading with Chiara provides tailored information to each individual and reveals powerful insights and guidance in all areas such as creative or business endeavors, relationship, love and loss, as well as understanding emotional blocks and traumas. Chiara accesses this augmented state of universal consciousness for advice on everything from your life path and purpose, to important health and medical questions.

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What is the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are defined as the omnipresent, energetic body of information that contains the vibrational archive of everything with a life force. It is the vibrational record of each individual soul and its journey. This body of knowledge and wisdom contains all past, present, and future possibilities.

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What is the Akashic Records

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