What is the Akashic Record?

The first crystallization of spirit


The Akashic Records is the energetic field of higher dimension that stores the collective consciousness and universal compendium of information.

The infinite intelligence present in any life force has an energetic, intangible archive that can be accessed to reveal the sacred truth of a person, a business, or a creative project for the purpose of growth and expansion.


Akasha is a Sanskrit word that means "primary substance", or "the first crystalization of spirit," according to  Dr. Linda Howe in her book How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey (Sounds True Inc., 2009). Dr. Howe also explains it as a powerful source of compassion, love, and guidance that contain the vibrational record of each individual soul and its journey.

The Akasha is a non-physical field of energy with one of the highest vibrational frequencies. One attribute of this energy is that it has an exquisite fineness and is imprinted upon with every thought, word, action, or intention of consciousness. The Akashic Records contains the vibrational progression of all things with a life force.  Just as a subtle sound wave can be recorded using a device and stored as a data file; so do all past, present, and future possibilities leave an indelible imprint upon this special type of energy.

The Akashic Records are encoded with the compendium of human history and all relevant possibilities of the present and future. To be explained later...they are NOT an oracle for divination however. Sorry, no future telling here folks.

To access your Akashic Records is to tap into your soul's archive, or your infinite consciousness, which grants access to the human collective conscious as well as universal consciousness. Sounds wild?...that's because it is! And so is electricity, and both are remarkable resources that can not be explained fully.

The Akashic Records is also a profoundly expansive and loving environment. Remember, the Akasha energy is one of the highest levels of unseen energy. That means it vibrates in the frequency of love and compassion, revealing to you your inner most truth through the lens of ultimate acceptance, dignity, and grace.

What is an akashic record reading?

An Akashic Record session is not really a reading at all because nothing is being read. Together, Chiara will help you gain access to the blueprint of your spiritual Being and as well as the continuum of your growth and evolution. It's not psychic or intuitive experience, nor is it a future telling phenomena. Think of it like a divine conversation with your infinite intelligence, where Chiara acts as the facilitator as you direct the flow and direction with your specific questions or sharing.

The sacred purpose of our work in the Akashic Records is to

So, you can receive clarity and affirmation, or sometimes the exact thing that's needed to unearth what's helpful for growth.

As an Agent of the Records, Chiara will help formulate any question and probe for direction in sharing to allow elevated access to your Soul Level Truth. You then can follow up with questions to get clear on what you are wanting to know about any given topic.  You don't need to let the wording limit you. Ask away.  The conversation flows best when you, the client, can feel comfortable sharing fully and truthfully into the Akashic energy field, kind of like spiritual therapy for the soul.  For this reason, all sessions are held in sacred confidence and strict confidentiality.

In a session information is provided through several forms of clair-communication that Chiara is gifted with. Clairaudience allows her to share what is heard through helpful phrases, metaphors, analogies, or specific wording. Clairvoyance provides the ability to share images that best communicate the appropriate information, guidance, or suggestions. In addition, her clairsentience is used when emotions and sensations can tell the stories that words can not. Finally, her unifying gift of claircognizance, or "clear knowing", provides a powerful, tailored and trusted reading of the sacred Akashic information directly and unaltered to you.

how do you access the akashic records?

There are many ways to access the Akashic field. Chiara accesses the Akashic Records through her Pathway to Peace Process©, developed through Helen Vonderheide's Personal Pathway Teacher Certification Program.

Accessing your specific frequency in The Records is very important in order tap into your energetic archive and receive tailored and helpful information (like tuning to the correct radio station). Everyone has a unique access code, or vibrational signature.  Chiara uses your first name and her personalized Pathway Process to access your specific source consciousness and guidance from this universal plane of knowledge. 


"Opening" your Akashic Records simply means we tune into your specific archive, your vibrational frequency in the non-physical energy field of the Akasha.  Using your name as a vibrational signature, like an access code, you gain free access to ask anything that is important to you and for your highest good. You receive guidance from this higher perspective or "altitude of consciousness," as Dr. Linda Howe coined, to know why things are happening from a soul level and how to move through them with more dignity, grace, and compassion.

The Akashic Records are NOT useful for fortune telling or as an oracle for divination. Instead the purpose is for SELF DISCOVERY, EXAMINATION, & EXPLANATION.


Briefly sit with an area of focus in your current situation and contemplate a few, clear questions regarding what you'd like insight, guidance, or help with. Open ended questions such as WHY, HOW, and WHAT, are the most effective to keep the energy and information flowing. "When" questions are very ineffective. From The Records perspective time is spherical, so questions regarding time are unreliable. Although, timing and patterns are made available when applicable.

Example: "Should I quit my job?"

This will get more information if worded open ended with specifics such as, "What are the benefits of me quitting my job at ______?" and "What are the drawbacks, if any?"

Rather than, "Will I ever find a new job?", you may follow up with, "How can I transition quickly and easily into a new job that activates my purpose for my highest good and the highest good of all?

It's best not to think of it like receiving "answers" from your Akashic Records. Instead think of asking for guidance and perspective to allow you to trust and explore your current reality with more truth and awakened power. This will present the highest beneficial path of probabilities to take action on. That's right - you must follow up with action. There is no secret shortcut to healing, progress, or ascension.


The Akashic Records are an incredible resource to be excavated and mined for powerful inner truth.  That's why there is power in the follow up.

Asking follow up questions in The Records is incredibly helpful. As you receive information it's a good idea to clarify meaning, context, and purpose whenever possible. Follow up questions can sound like, "Why am I meant to receive this information at this time?"; or "How can this information be presented in a way that allows me clear and direct integration for my highest benefit?"; or "What does that mean in tangible terms?". Some version of this focused expansion is a way to deepen your understanding and receive more insight into the guidance that is being shared.

You can also summarize in your own words what the information you receive means to you and ask for verification or expansion. This is a very practical and useful technique when working in The Akashic Records.