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**IMPORTANT NOTE: Your health and safety is important to me. Due to COVID-19, only phone & Zoom (virtual video) sessions are available. These are just as effective as in-person meetings. Thank you for understanding.

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Clarity Coaching

Clarity Coaching  is a unique and tailored process that breaks down your creative project, business, or life goals into meaningful and actionable steps to get you unstuck and organized. A Clarity Session can reliably get you back in the flow of progress on your project or goals.

This coaching is not an Akashic Records session. Instead, it's facilitated through Chiara's experience as a life designer, producer, and creative intuitive.

Clarity Coaching are recommended to be purchased as a package of sessions to receive a complete and tailored program.  See package options at the bottom of this page.

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Planning multiple sessions is a great way to progress and utilize the Akashic Records for greater insight and healing to assist your dedication to your growth and expansion.

Simply click which type of package you prefer and schedule your first session.  Follow the instructions for payment of package. After your first session, you will receive an email with scheduling details for the remaining sessions in your package.